Not everyone has been quick to embrace cloud technology for a variety of reasons: they don’t understand it, think going digital is too costly, or fail to see the benefits. The realities of going digital are quite different from the myths. Recent studies from AIIM show an above average return on investment for 50 percent of users within 12 months of going digital, and for 70 percent of users within 18 months. Additional benefits include faster response times, enhanced productivity and workflows, and improved records for compliance, or audit trails.

Too Small To Digitize?

In an environment where efficiency matters (the average office worker wastes up to six hours per week searching for documents!) going digital makes good financial sense.

Assuming that paper documents are impeccably maintained and filed, that still does little to provide access to those who are working remotely. By digitizing these documents, workers in and out of the office have safe, secure access to materials, increasing efficiency, and enhancing collaborative efforts. Here are three more ways that going digital can help improve your small business.

  1. Accounts Payable. Digitized documents and processes in the accounting department allow you to quickly get a clear picture of how much you’re spending, and on what, identifying areas where you can save. You may be able to take advantage of early payment discounts to vendors by prescheduling payments for further savings.
  2. Human Resources. Chances are the HR department of your small business is limited to one or two employees in charge of hiring, payroll, benefits, timekeeping and record keeping. Digital onboarding can save time and resources, by scanning documents to the cloud where they can be retrieved with the click of a button.
  3. Mobile Workers. The trend of working outside the office is here to stay, creating a need for secure access to documents while on the go. Going digital benefits collaboration as well, as workers can edit, share, add to, or comment on projects, without having to return to the office.

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, going digital can help to streamline work processes, enhance document security, and increase productivity. Give us a call to learn more about going digital today!

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