Managed Print Solutions

Achieve Long-Term Business Results

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. For most companies the ongoing expense of office printing – cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service – is an unexplored opportunity for significant, cumulative savings. Urban X Solutions delivers managed print services to help your small or medium businesses centralize management of all your devices – including printers, copiers, and multifunction printers from multiple manufacturers, not just Xerox.

We are your local authorized Xerox agent, and we are here to help you with your printing assessment needs for your business. Extend your business capabilities, innovation, and automation for better document security, productivity, and sustainability.

  • Mobile workflow productivity. Using Mobile Print, employees can stay productive no matter where they are, and your documents stay secure. The mobile app locates printers within a defined area and securely sends the print job to that network location.
  • Make better printing choices to protect your pocketbook. With Xerox’s Print Awareness Tool, it’s easy to encourage employees to adopt better printing habits. The intuitive, interactive interface gives a personalized view of printing habits, promoting sustainable habits at a personal and professional level.
  • Keep your information secure. Xerox’s Print Security Audit Service helps you manage security across your network by automatically auditing your security systems. A print audit can help when networked devices go down, you experience a security breach, or you simply want to be more confident in the security of the documents you’re printing.


Looking for more? Here is what a managed print solution can do for your business:

  • Cut costs on printing consumables, device service, and reduce your cost-per-page.
  • Forecast and control budgets accurately by setting your printing and supply costs up-front.
  • Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation, such as an all-in-one printer.
  • Reduce waste by ordering the supplies you need – nothing more, nothing less.
  • Free up valuable technology resources for more business-critical tasks than installing, supporting, and maintaining printing devices.
  • Ensure printing devices stay up-to-date through remote maintenance and lifecycle cost management.

While cost is often the main driver for exploring Managed Print Solutions, its value can touch many other areas of your business. The first step in learning how Managed Print Solutions can transform your document environment is participating in a Managed Print Solutions assessment. Contact us today to talk about how an assessment would benefit your business.