What does document security mean to you? For many it means little more than locking up a file drawer or remembering to shred confidential paperwork—but technology has changed the way businesses need to manage their documents. Keep your data safe by using the right equipment and the right practices, and avoid these mistakes.

Abandoning your documents.

Documents left behind in the output tray are a waste of resources, and can easily fall into the wrong hands. The right printer is equipped with user authentication software, which prevents the printing of documents until the user is at the printer and has entered a unique passcode.

Cutting corners.

It’s easier than ever to share information with colleagues, vendors, and clients, but without the proper safeguards in place your information may be intercepted by an unknown or unauthorized party. The next time you scan a document, make sure the printer you are using allows you to password protect your files for the utmost in document security.

Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

There’s no better place to store your documents than the cloud for enhanced security, ease of collaboration, and cost savings. The problem is, most people save their files somewhere else first after scanning, whether on their desktop or local folder prior to uploading to the cloud. The breach in security occurs when the user forgets to delete files from their device, making them accessible to others. Choose a printer that automatically stores your files in the cloud to avoid this costly mistake.

Relying on others.

Employees who are working outside the office may try to save time by calling ahead to have a document printed and waiting when they arrive, but what may seem like an innocent practice can turn to disaster if the file is stored in an unsafe location. Opt for print devices that enable remote printing, so that employees can request print jobs from any location and print them securely upon arrival using a unique identifier.

Leaving your data behind.

Multifunction printers contain an internal hard drive which stores information like any other computer, and requires the same level of security. Increase your document security by selecting print devices that automatically overwrite the hard drive and use high level data encryption.

These mistakes can be avoided by choosing the right printer, with built in security features you can’t afford to be without. Want to learn more? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right print equipment to suit your budget.

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