Almost every day it seems like we’re hearing about another data breach.That’s why data security is crucial for every business. One area that is often overlooked are office print devices. Your multifunction printers can be a source of increased vulnerability if it’s not protected. Here are three ways ConnectKey technology from Xerox is addressing printer vulnerability.

  1. Intrusion Protection – “Intrusive attacks” happen when a disgruntled employee on the inside, or an external hack breaches your network. Authenticating users can prevent unauthorized access. With ConnectKey, once identified and authenticated through a mobile device, key card or password, an audit trail is created. ConnectKey authentication intercepts and prevents external attacks from malicious software and prevents any attempt to install infected files.
  2. Device Detection – If a hacker does gain access through ConnectKey’s authentication, a second layer of protection using McAfee built-in solutions monitors and protects unknown software from operating on your network. Any device automatically generates a report and these warnings can alert you to a breach allowing you to deploy counter-measures.
  3. Document and Data Protection – The Internet is far from secure. Every piece of data passing through your network is vulnerable unless it is encrypted. Xerox devices encrypt data before it is moved anywhere on or off of your network. However even the best encryption can’t protect you from documents left on the printer tray. With ConnectKey, documents can be assigned a unique ID that corresponds to a device. Users can also use print-on-demand functionality that delays printing until a code is input at the device.

Data security is a critical component of conducting your business today. Simple practices along with a technological assist from Xerox ConnectKey can keep your documents, data and network safe and secure.

Want to learn more? Take our free print environment assessment. Eighty percent of office security experts believe that multifunction devices need to be included in a company’s security protocols and practices. Let us show you how ConnectKey technology from Xerox can help you to keep your confidential information secure.

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