The legal industry depends on paper in order to function. Experts estimate that approximately one to three percent of annual revenues are spent on printing, with about 30 percent of that number going towards maintenance and toner.

The truth is many legal firms are not aware of the total cost of operation (TCO) of their print environment. The piecemeal approach to purchasing equipment and supplies is partly to blame. Add the difference in costs for different devices and you can see how difficult it is to reach a TCO number.

Managed Print Services (MPS) can help. MPS is an effective solution for controlling print costs in the legal industry by improving document workflows and printing processes. Here’s how:

Assessment and Consolidation

An MPS relationship starts with an assessment and inventory of equipment, supplies and vendors. Once inventory is established, changes can be implemented including the elimination or replacement of devices that can help streamline document workflows.

Ergonomics: Printer Placement

Firms often use multiple copy rooms or stations, which may not be convenient for all employees. In addition, lost time spent waiting for a machine that is in use copying large volumes costs not only time, but also money. An MPS provider can analyze workflows to move devices to where they are needed most, freeing resources in high traffic areas.

Challenges and Solutions

Law firms today face many challenges like maximizing billable hours, budgeting, disaster planning and recovery, and regulatory compliance to name just a few. MPS offers solutions to these challenges. Implementing a digital document management system can improve search, save time, improve security and make compliance easier. MPS can put these systems in place and protect it all with security features like swipe key access and a secure audit trail.

The Benefits of MPS

Through better management of resources, digitization and automation, MPS can increase productivity. Enhanced security protocols can protect sensitive data from prying eyes. Strategic placement of print devices and other resources can improve workflows by reducing bottlenecks, saving you both time and money.

The legal industry is one that can benefit greatly from Managed Print Services. Enhanced security, increased productivity and reduced costs are just some of the many benefits MPS offers. Give us a call and let us show you how we can help!

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